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How to sweep a floor like a man

22 August 2009

After working for a year as a carpet cleaner, I vowed when I bought a house it would not have carpet. When we bought our 798 square foot house 3.5 years ago, the very first thing I did was rip out all the carpet and underlay. Oh, and the layer of linoleum under that.

The downside to having no carpet, is one more easily feels the dirt on the floor, an incentive to clean more often. Having 4 children 10 and under means we sweep several times a day.

How to sweep the floor

Take the shaft of the broom in your dominant hand, and hold the top end of the broom in the other hand.

Oh, and make sure your children are picking their noses or playing with their Tamagotchi. This won’t work otherwise.

How to sweep the floor

Firmly pass the broom over every inch of the visible floor, gathering the dirt into the centre of the room.

For day-to-day cleaning, I generally don’t move large furniture. I reserve that for every few weeks.

How to sweep the floor

Once all the dirt is in the middle of the room, position the dustpan near the pile of dirt. Make sure the handle is raised enough so the front edge rests firmly on the floor.

How to sweep the floor

Sweep the dirt pile into the dustpan, and empty it into a garbage can. You may have to repeat this step to ensure all the dirt is gone.

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